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50,000 Pigs

Hiring, promoting, and partnering with animal
exploiters is not animal advocacy. It is betrayal.

The purpose of the 50,000 Pigs campaign is to stand up for the 50,000 individuals bred into existence, confined, controlled, and sold into slaughter by Joe Maxwell, a senior executive at the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and his business partners. These animals, and countless others being used and killed by HSUS’s collaborative partners in the meat industry, have been abandoned to their fate by many activists and organizations under the influence of HSUS.
With nobody else to advocate for them, will YOU be their voice?


Three videos that prove something has gone terribly wrong.

A former VP of HSUS appears as a special guest at a Best Butcher Contest. The CEO of one of the largest meat retailers in America sits on the HSUS Board of Directors. A current VP of HSUS brags about his "whole hog barbecues." And the president of HSUS is asking animal advocates to unite behind his vision? It must be seen to be believed...

Happy Meatopia

The nation’s largest “animal protection” organization partners with Hollywood animators to reintroduce the tragic myth of "Old MacDonald’s Farm" to children. Why is HSUS brainwashing a whole new generation to believe that the "solution" for animals being used and killed on industrialized farms is that they be used and killed on smaller-scale farms? It must be seen to be believed... 

A Pig's Tail

HSUS creates slick PR campaigns and videos to reintroduce the tragic myth of "Old MacDonald’s Farm" to grown-ups. It all feels so good and so right, we can almost forget that an organization claiming to protect animals is promoting and enriching those who enslave and kill those same animals. It must be seen to be believed...

HSUS Farm Promo

If an organization claiming to advocate for oppressed humans behaved this way, that organization would be completely discredited. Yet many animal advocates have given HSUS a pass. Why?

Learn more...

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Wondering how you can be confident that the way you are working for change is not hurting, and only helping? Check out Toward Justice for Animals: What We Can Do Today.

Skeptical that HSUS's actions serve the interests of the meat industry? Check out Invasion of the Movement Snatchers.

Looking for a ray of hope? Learn how the English anti-slaverly movement overcame the same tactics being used by today's meat industry, in Let's Not Give Up Before We Even Get Started


Think about it.

No movement for justice has ever succeeded by partnering with, and enriching, those who are using and killing members of the group the movement seeks to liberate.

HSUS claims to be an animal protection organization.

HSUS Vice President Paul Shapiro claims: "What we're trying to do is to create a new type of society, a more humane society, where our relationship with animals is one that really is no longer based on violence and domination, but one that's based upon compassion and respect."

Paul Shapiro
See Mr. Shapiro's comments at 3:33

Yet, the animals being sent to slaughter by HSUS senior executive Joe Maxwell get no protection. Instead, HSUS exploits their deaths to convince the public that using and killing animals “the right way” is a worthwhile and profitable occupation. And that all of this is part of "God’s plan."

HSUS VP Joe Maxwell

Mr. Shapiro, HSUS's VP of Farm Animal Protection for over a decade, and now HSUS's VP of Policy, frequently speaks at conferences and events for animal protection, even those claiming to be focused on animal rights.

AR Conference program

Yet, how can he credibly claim to speak for the animals when he does nothing to protect those whom his own colleague, Mr. Maxwell, boasts about sending to slaughter each month?

The truth is,
on Mr. Shapiro's watch, HSUS executives are now actively developing, certifying, and promoting products derived from the exploitation and killing of animals.

5 Step Rating Certified Humane

The truth is,
on Mr. Shapiro's watch, HSUS is aggressively building a market for these so-called “humane“ animal products and encouraging its 12 million members to become customers of HSUS's meat industry partners.

HSUS Promo


What you can do...

1. Help break the silence
Share the 50,000 Pigs campaign graphic through your social media channels and invite more people to engage in this important dialogue.

2. Hold them accountable
Advocacy and exploitation don’t mix! Write and publish open letters to the HSUS Board of Directors urging them to put an end to their organization’s destructive engagement in extreme conflicts of interest. Let them know that you cannot support an organization that is betraying the animals, the activists, and the cause itself.

3. Keep them off the podium
Encourage the organizers of animal advocacy conferences to stand up for the 50,000 Pigs by refusing to give HSUS a platform for selling out the animals and the cause. Ask them to say “no” to whatever benefits they receive from having HSUS involved in their events.

4. Be the voice of conscience
Insist on discussing the fate of the 50,000 Pigs whenever and wherever HSUS representatives are making presentations on farm animal issues. Download our informational flyer to print out and distribute to audiences at these events. End the silence, and demand that HSUS stop betraying these animals, and millions more, by propagating the "humane" myth.

Remaining silent, pretending nothing is wrong, only opens the door to even more outrageous abuses of the animals and the cause.

Will you be a voice for the 50,000 pigs whose lives will be controlled and eventually stolen by HSUS senior executive Joe Maxwell and his business partners this year... and next year... and the year after that?

Will you be a voice for the thousands more animals who will be slaughtered from other farms that Mr. Maxwell’s boss, HSUS President Wayne Pacelle, is promoting to the public -- farms which HSUS applauds for practicing the “right kind” of animal exploitation and killing?

Will you be a voice for still thousands more whose dismembered body parts will be certified as “humane” by HSUS's president, Mr. Pacelle; by its former vice president, Miyun Park; by HSUS board member & Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey; and by their collaborators at Whole Foods' Global Animal Partnership?

The 50,000 Pigs, and so many others, need your voice, your integrity, and your moral courage.

Turning a blind eye
to industry collaboration
is not animal rights work. 
It is not animal welfare work. 
It is not animal protection. 
It is not animal advocacy.
It is a betrayal of the animals. 
It is a betrayal of activists. 
It is a betrayal of public trust. 
It is a betrayal of the cause itself.

It is time to BREAK THE SILENCE and confront the betrayal.